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CQ-DATV 89 Magazine is now available. Free download. https://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php
We have the spooky story of the Welsh Village where the internet disappears at the same time every morning.
Paul Marshall has an update on. ABC Unit 5 / Thames Unit 2 O – GNF 951E¬ which was one of three OB units ordered by ABC around the time of the 1966 World Cup, then transferred to Thames TV.
Trevor has added control of the small SG90 servo motors to the GVG mixer and two of them together make an excellent remote controlled Pan and Tilt Head. Trevor has also released the latest revision of the code, it’s on the CQ-DATV download site as GVG16.zip. It’s is a big file as it includes the diagrams for the GVG panel, a revised version of all the previous columns and even a short video of the remote pan and Tilt head in operation.
Jim KH6HTV has been looking at the ARRL 10GHz & up contest, which has shown significant differences in propagation characteristics between 10GHz, single side-band (SSB) voice and digital amateur television (DATV) and in particular DVB-T. Jim investigates, starting with the usual suspect….. bandwidth.
One from the Vault, winds the clock back to the summer of 69 (is that where the song title came from). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon! Perhaps those of us that are old enough can remember where they were when we heard the immortal words “The Eagle has landed”. It was watched by an estimated TV audience of over 600 million viewers. Joe Woods, AD0I, worked for NASA in Houston, Texas and was part of the NASA team that developed the TV gear for the moon landing. Joe was in mission control at the time of the moon landing as their technical consultant for the TV coverage. Thanks Joe there are a lot of unanswered questions I am sure Trevor will be in touch for Apollo 11 the sequel
The lockdown has perhaps provided a little more than usual shack time, to put it lightly and the team has been using it to catch up on one or two background tasks. The Facebook group has had its “About” section revised, so you get a chance to meet the CQ-DATV team, well a little as there is a strict word limit.
We have had a lot of new Facebook members from around the world. Sorry again if you are asked questions before you are let in, one of our team will look at your Facebook before we make a decision, the questions are a small part. The problem was some people with no interest in ATV or video and were often members of some very strange groups. We have no idea what their end game was, they are not being approved. If you have fallen foul of this positive vetting please let the team know and apologies in advance.
We are also planning a Christmas CQ-DATV, so far it’s just a front cover, but we are on the lookout for anything seasonal, from circuits to pictures or just reminiscences of previous Christmas’s when the word COVID 19 was something we had never heard of! I think our readers are not alone when we say we never want to hear that word again.
Please sit back and enjoy CQ-DATV 89 and then look back do you have any memories of Christmas Past or even ideas for Christmas Future to share (not the Ghosts we lost them when television went digital)
CQ-DATV Production Team (editor@cq-datv.mobi)

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