CQ-DATV 86 available for free download

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CQ-DATV 86 available for free download

Post by g8cjs » Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:38 am

Welcome to CQ-DATV 86 which is now available as a free download from https://www.cq-datv.mobi/86.php

Lucien F1TE has news of Minitiouner changes with the ability to separate 14/18v on both NIM inputs.

Trevor and Mike are still working on the Grass Valley panel and have added an OLED display and are planning a one off PCB run for the Vmix interface. So if you have a panel or looking to buy one in the future, “listen very carefully I will say this only once”. This will be a one off, pre order. Please don’t come back after the order has gone in, asking for a PCB. Contact editor@cq-datv.mobi

Three Reports from Jim KH6HTV, the first one on Hi Definition Digital ATV using the 5, 10 and 45 GHz bands.

The second one on the NanoVNA network Analyzer, these Analysers were once the exclusive domain of the big boys and well outside Amateur prices, but at $50 “How could you go wrong”.

Jim’s last report is on 70cms driver amplifiers and the use of CATV parts. Jim decided to build up a couple of amplifiers in Hammond die-cast enclosures (1590ABK) and see how well they would work for DVB-T. Lets not spoil it for you the full story is in this issue.

Peter Cossins VK3BFG reports on the move of Vk3RTV after 40 years on the Victorian Education Department site at Olinda, the site has been lost and the equipment relocated

Bill Eberle AB0MY and Don Nelson N0YE Have reported in the Boulder ATV news-letter on receiving DVB-T on a Raspberry Pi.

One form the Vault is a USB to RS232 converter

Please sit back and enjoy CQ-DATV 86 and accept our assurances that electronic magazines are 100% free from COVID 19 risks. If you are missing a back issue they are all in the CQ-DATV library along with the ATV handbooks https://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php

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