CQ-DATV 79 is now available for free download

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CQ-DATV 79 is now available for free download

Post by g8cjs » Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:09 am

CQ-DATV is a free ATV magazine (electronic download) It is put together by a small dedicated team and has no commercial connections. It is centred on ATV but many of the constructional articals have applications in amateur radio E.G. Powermeters, frequency controlers. W are not new but are growing in popularity. We publish every month and in this issue features

5 cm Band Spectrum Analysis
Grass Valley Mixer Conversions - Part 12
Micro Corner - Ethernet VMIX Controller Experiment
Microwave Antenna Tests
MiniTutiouner-Express advert
Amateur Television Network Microwave Band Use in Arizona, California & Nevada
A Tower Mounted 10 GHz Off-center-fed Dish Failure
50 Years Ago
One from the vault - Some Discussion on hand-soldering SMT Amplifier Kits

You can download this months issue from https://www.cq-datv.mobi/79.php or you can visit the library which has all the back issues https://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php. Constructional projects that use software such as PIC code are supported with downloads at https://www.cq-datv.mobi/downloads.php. We also have a facebook site to discuss projects and show video's of working projects https://www.facebook.com/groups/285807174898375/ which you are welcome to join and you can ask for a reminder when the next issue is published (last day of every month) You will not receive any junk mail we are not that sort of people.

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