CQ-DATV 75 now available

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CQ-DATV 75 now available

Post by g8cjs » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:53 pm

Welcome to CQ-DATV 75 now available for free download

Lets start with worries over Galileo and for those of you that thought Galileo was an Italian astronomer, it is also the name of Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), providing improved positioning and timing information with significant positive implications for many European services and users. The downside is the impact that it may have on 23cms.

Trevor has delivered the I/O for the GVG mixer project, at the moment it delivers, the full PGM PST and Key banks and four of the transition commands. (see the CQ-DATV facebook page for the video).

Jim Andrews, KH6HTV is looking at creating an in-band ATV repeater for 70cms using DVB-T. Jim is using the Hi-Des model HV-110 Receiver, Hi-Des model HV-320E modulator and an Advanced Receiver Research, Pre-Amplifier.

Doherty Amplifiers - are not new and actually appeared about four years ago when 50 volt LDMOS push-pull FETs were introduced for RF amplifiers delivering improved gain, output power and better efficiency. Mike Collis WA6SVT has the full story inside.

One from the vault is a look back on one of John Hudson G3RFL’s projects and this time it’s a microwave power meter. This works by measuring the resistance of a thermistor that is heated by the power of the microwave source under test, but it also has a second thermistor that is not heated by the microwave power source to offset the ambient temperature.

Download and enjoy CQ-DATV 75 from you have guessed it https://www.cq-datv.mobi/75.php

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