Repeater Internal Networking

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Repeater Internal Networking

Post by M0DTS » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:35 pm

We are working on upgrading GB3KM and need to have a better way of networking all the new equipment.
A separate network is desirable and remote access via a domestic router is required.
It looks like we need some sort of managed router/switch to do the job... bare in mind i'm not that clued up on networking terminology!

The requirements are:
min 8 ports
Probably VPN access (what else is there?)

There will be multiple raspberry Pi's, PlutoSDR, h264 Encoder, HDMI Switch etc connected to this network.

I have a little routerboard with 4 ports that looks like it may do the job, so their larger 8 port seems to be a possibility...

If anyone has some suggestions on alternative cheaper units or other ideas i would appreciate it.


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