Wecome to the new BATC forum for GB3BH

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Wecome to the new BATC forum for GB3BH

Post by G8ADM » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:25 pm

The latest status for GB3BH, updated 5th January 2015, is:
Previous update 14th January 2012
13 cm receive, 2340 MHz, ok
13 cm transmit, 2440 MHz, now switched off because the WiFi interference prevented most people receiving 13cm
9 cm, transmit only licence received, expect to be operational by the end of April 2015
3 cm receive, waiting for the receiver to be installed.
3 cm transmit, 10,065 MHz, ok
1308 MHz activated using BB1 dtmf access.
GB3TZ now being relayed using BB2 dtmf access.
70 cm digital receiver, ok, using a horizontal omni antenna, 437 MHz, 2 MS/s, FEC=3/4 .
Slide Show, ok activated with dtmf BB4
Video show, ok. activated with dtmf BB3(Send us your video's)
Tower cameras, ok, dtmf BB5 North, BB6 South.
2 m Talkback relay, ok, new diplexer and the new dual band 2m/70cm antenna installed at 600 ft.
70 cm DTMF control on 432.725 MHz. ok, now using the above antenna.
Roof lid improvements complete, it's now easy to open the lid.
Streaming ok intermittent due to Dave, M0SAT's house re-build. Sometimes streamed by G8ADM
Web site: http://www.gb3bh.com

73's Dave G8ADM
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M0DMO here, just a fiew thoughts

Post by data_burger » Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:08 am

Well done Dave (G8ADM) for finding this forum platform,

Lets hope that it becomes useable for all others in your BH club.

To all others, if this is your first link to GB3BH (ATV repeater, or neighbouring ones) then this forum has made a good job of promoting ATV. By the way, it only makes sense to centralise all of them and well done Chris for putting it together - I would've done it myself if I had the idea hehe ;)

73's and all sundries to all :)

Bartek Borek


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Re: Welcome to the new BATC forum for GB3BH

Post by G8GKQ » Tue May 28, 2013 11:46 am

An application for an NoV for GB3BH to transmit on 9 cm was submitted on 9 January 2013. Details here: http://www.ukrepeater.net/vetting3tv.php.


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