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VK5YYY Whyalla South Australia on test

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:38 pm
Hi Folks

Here's the latest toy to roll out the workshop, VK5BD and myself have been working on this for a while now
DVBS and DVBS2 in on 23cm and DVBT HD MPEG2 on 70cm out, it's an all new HDMI HD affair
The picture quality is stunning, small text is very sharp, the down side is the 14 second channel switching
3 inputs, RPI test pattern, Strong Sat box and MiniTiouner
The OGG DVBT HDMI MPEG2 modulator is the star of the show with excellent MER that is preserved by the 460Mhz CDMA amplifier
Spectral Regrowth is minimal with the 60db of gain it provides
I would be interested to hear of other peoples experience switching HDMI it's so slow and the signal goes off the air during the change over
If there is any cheap way to improve switching speed I'd like to hear about it (fast HDMI switchers are still very expensive)
Thanks to my XYL for allowing me a couple of shelves in the cupboard

Cheers Roger VK5YYY
Top Shelf Repeater
Top Shelf Repeater
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Re: VK5YYY Whyalla South Australia on test

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:49 pm
Here's a block diagram
VK5YYY DVBS to DVBT Repeater.png