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VK3RTV is located in Melbourne Australia and has been operational since 1978.

It was converted to a digital output and inputs in 2009. It is located at Olinda about 35 kilometres east from the centre of Melbourne CBD at a height of 2500 feet and as such has a coverage of well in excess of 50 kilometres.

The output is a two channel multiplexed signal of 100 watts ERP DVB-T on 446.5 Mhz ( FEC 2/3, Guard 1/4, QAM16) with a bandwidth of 7 Mhz.

It has multiple receiver antennas on 1250 Mhz FM Analogue, 1255 Mhz DVB-S (FEC 3/4, SR 5000Ks/s), 1276 Mhz DVB-S (FEC 3/4, SR 5000ks/s) and 1250 Mhz DVB-S (FEC3/4, SR 5000ks/s). An input on 10.41 Ghz FM Analogue has had failure of antennas and cable and has been dis-continued for the moment.

1250 Mhz Analogue FM and 1255 Mhz DVB-S have an output on VK3RTV1, while inputs on 1276 DVB-S have an output on VK3RTV2. Both VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2 are streaming on the BATC and is active if any input is active. If only one input is active and the others latent, the latent channel displays VK3RTV's callsign.

There is an on-site Video machine that is used to generate a DTMF commanded signal report for analogue signals, VK3RTV's callsign and an information video. A separate DTMF command will bring up signal reports from the DVB-S receivers.

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