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2 channel DATV repeater output

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:15 am
by g7ntg
How about DATV repeaters transmitting two simultaneous signals say, one at 1000s/r so that it can be received on a set top box and the other at 333 or 125 s/r for the fringe receivers like myself? The carriers can be very close together - I have done this on 23cms terrestrial TV and also via Es'Hail with very good results. I didn't see any application at the time - I just wanted to try it!

I used two portsdown transmitters fed into a 23cms splitter combiner via variable attenuators into one power amplifier.

I will do some more experiments here between myself here in Kettering and Arthur G4CPE in Luton next week.

This would hopefully make a big increase in DATV repeater useage and encourage more people into DATV