Activity in the South East?

Please post here if you are planning any significant ATV Activity such as DXpeditions or Contest participation
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Activity in the South East?

Post by radiogareth » Fri May 17, 2019 9:09 pm

I'm located in a bit of a RF valley so will definitely have to go portable for the contest weekend, probably on the Sunday only but we shall see - family commitments, maybe.
I have used several car-parks in the Ashdown Forest previously as they are at least fairly high up (for round here) and have good clear (of trees) takeoffs in all directions. I have checked with the Park Rangers that they are OK for me to use Van (camper) mounted aerials and also a Surveyors tripod next to the van so long as I 'don't impinge on other park users'. (Define 'impinge' ;-))
There are several car parks in this area and I plan to do a 'recce' soon.' ... d0.1007823
Whats the chance of contacts on 4/2/70cms23/13/9 and FM 5.8GHz from this locality, ie is anyone else planning to be within likely range?
Another option is a trip up to Burton Dassett (M40 J12) which I have seen recommended and visited too. Might be a few to many grockles on a weekend though.
Yet another choice is Devils Dyke, ... -0.2122834 which might be good for cross-channel working, although there are significant trees to the south.
Joint effort anyone?

Thoughts welcome....

Gareth G4XAT

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Re: Activity in the South East?

Post by radiogareth » Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:14 pm

Is there a definitive band plan that we 'follow' on contest/activity days - first time active for me....
I ask as follows...I don't have a 13cm Preamp but I DO have an ex-Oscar downconverter (Drake blue box) which may or may not have been got-at. Suffice to say 2400 comes out as 144MHz the lower limit of my Minitiouner. Plenty of gain though like most down-converters so it solves the relative deafness of the MT.
So long as any signals I find are above 2400MHz.....

Next question, I have a Loop Yagi (also ex-Oscar so circular polarization) with 44 elements OR a 28 element home-brew by a keen 13cm Operator (now SK) or a 5 element 'Bi-quad Yagi' (Bi-quagi?) for wifi.
So what should I use? Bi-quad is an unknown from a design on 'Thingyverse (for Wifi) and the 28 element would have been optimised for Narrow Band, as would the circular polarized (-3dB loss) of the Loop yagi.

At this point its all a lash-up for RX only unless I get the Spectrum PA fired up in time, then it will mean lead swapping and checks before powering up.


Gareth G4XAT

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Re: Activity in the South East?

Post by G8GKQ » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:08 pm

Hi Gareth

I tend to use 2405 MHz for simplex DATV. Now taking care not to point upwards!

As a compromise, I would suggest the 28 ele home brew aerial.

Dave, G8GKQ

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Re: Activity in the South East?

Post by g8gtz » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:45 am

Hi Gareth

Not sure if you've firmed up your plans for the weekend yet but I think you need to be a closer to some known activity if you are to be successfull, particularly on the higher bands.

If you don't mind travelling a bit, there's a very good site near Petersfield that I've used in the past and if you go on Saturday you would be guaranteed to work Dave and myself plus others and maybe some French on 70cms.

It's called Whether Down here:

You can go in the big grass field normally used by Hand Gliders and you put £2 in the box.

Also, I thought we used 2395MHz for DATV simplex....



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Re: Activity in the South East?

Post by G4HTZ » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:27 pm

I'm nr Southend Essex JO01JN60....qth 3m asl , ant 18m asl .
Just set up on 70cms with 40w to 18ele yagi , with the old portsdown board .
On RX , minitoune but no pre amp or RX filter yet .

Best direction from here is Netherlands, Belgium which are sea paths ....but happy to try anytime other directions
Drop me message here or via email as on qrz

Steve G4HTZ
Steve G4HTZ
Great Wakering Essex JO01JN

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