IARU International ATV Contest 2019

Please post here if you are planning any significant ATV Activity such as DXpeditions or Contest participation
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Re: IARU International ATV Contest 2019

Post by radiogareth » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:33 pm

I'm working steadily away on getting a fully functional portable set-up on as many bands as possible, but I'm not there yet. I have finished the mast supports for my camper and yesterday fitted the flat-pack desk that I've designed to fit in, plus found a nice fuse block to go via the leisure battery. I'm planning a 'first outing' for the van on VHF field day weekend when I have access to my clubs VHF site. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Botle ... -0.0012295 pretty much slap bang in the middle. Hoping to use 4M, 13 & 9 DATV plus 6cm FMTV and also Oscar100 portable, plus some NB phone using SDR COnsole. Can't use 2M during contest hours as it will raise their noise floor ;-)
Still work in progress though......and I know its the weekend before activity weekend, but I can't access a close site then, however may travel a bit especially if the wx is decent.
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Re: IARU International ATV Contest 2019

Post by M0SKM » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:23 pm

g8gtz wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:58 am
Well, that was a weekend of mixed fortunes!

On Saturday I went to Walbury Hill near Newbury (IO91GI) where it was blowing a gale but dry.
The highlight was working David M0YDH on Clee Hill in Shropshire on 70cms. The lowlights were not working G8GKQ on 146, 3.4 and 5.6 due to equipment failures and not managing a QSO on 10Ghz as I could not hold the dish steady enough in the wind! Also failed to work Gareth G4XAT on 5.6Ghz over an optimistic path from south London but I did see a drone on 5665MHz so I knew the gear was working!

I then drove 120 miles down to Dunkery Beacon near Minehead where both the weather and QSO success rate was much better!
The highlight was working Dave G4FRE on Clee Common near Cheltenham on 5.6 and 24GHz. At 136.8Km this is a new 24GHz DATV world record!
I also worked G4KLB/P in the KLB radio car, G8GKQ and G8BVK on multiple bands and Adrian G4UVZ on 10GHz over a very obstructed path.

Again, dissapointed by the lack of stations on the air - I can name at least 10 stations who were within range on the 2 days I was out. What do we have to do to encourage people to get on air - it really is true, we will loose it if you don't use it :-( And it's not enough to just listen on 144.750 - nobody will ever hear you!

Not expecting to do as well as last year but overall an enjoyable weekend and the lesson learnt was less time looking at Oscar 100 and more time prepping for the contest would have helped!


Noel - G8GTZ

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My Sunday was wasted too.
Couldn't access Zello due to network issues but made several calls on .750 and nothing heard. G4CPE tested Zello for me and couldn't connect with me. My 5GHz kit was rigged with the big PA and I'd hoped to do well with it. :cry:

Dunstable Downs is good for SW/W/NW; hope to be there again 13th July.

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Re: IARU International ATV Contest 2019

Post by M0DTS » Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:02 pm

Finally getting round to sorting everything out after last weekend but enjoyed it as usual.

Saturday was rather wet but the rain stopped just as i got on site so had a dry time setting up, from the until ~6pm it rained through but not too heavy.
Only worked 3 stations on both days but many bands.
Sunday was much nicer with sunshine all day, no tropo to speak of so the contacts were not great dx unfortunately.

Worked all bands 70cm>24GHz, usual issues with poor performance on 3.4Ghz.. I really need to sort out a horn to feed the 80cm dish, 15dBi panel is not enough!

Looking forward to next year, still prefer September for IARU Contest date but June will have to do!


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