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47Ghz activity in the new year 2018

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:39 pm
by G4FRE
Inspired my success on DATV 24 GHz over Christmas I decided it was time to try 47 GHz. So I started to look and see what equipment I had stashed away.

The receiver was not an issue as I still had my Pasolink based receiver using last in the USA. It has an NF of around 12dB and having a 70 cm IF would feed the minitiouner receiver directly. I had a commercial mixer which i persuaded to give 0.2mW output when driven by the Portsdown on 428 MHz a verticom LO and g3wdg006 amplifier. It was calculated that this equipment would not support the Chorley 60km path so a shorter one was investigated. As the apartment in Malvern IO82UC is line of sight to Broadway Tower , IO92BA this was the path to try to see what could be done at a distance of 34.9km.

I set the transmitter up with a 20 dB conical horn and set off to Broadway with the Pasolink and its 40 db cassegrain fed dish on the evening of Jan 6. The receiver antenna pointing was initially an issue (in all axes), but then i sighted Malvern priory and the picture was easily seen

Next challenge is DATV signals on 6cm and 9cm or making more power on the lower bands


Re: 47Ghz activity in the new year 2018

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:04 pm
by M0DTS
Excellent work Dave, something i have not got round to yet is 47G....

One day :-)