Saturday 3 September 2016 - Activity Summary

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Re: Saturday 3 September 2016 - Activity Summary

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G7NSY/P & G8VPG/P operated a dual station at Win Green, near Shaftesbury, IO80WX. When we arrived just before 9.00am, the site was shrouded in mist and low cloud. When the mist finally lifted, we found that the site has a fine take-off to the North (268m asl).
G7NSY/P & G8VPG/P at Win Green

The main aim of the day was to work Noel at Brown Clee Hill. We quickly established communication on 144.750MHz, with signal strengths so strong that we had trouble reducing it enough to line up the beams! We went on to a have a very easy two way QSO on 146.5MHz RB-TV, 333ks/s, which at 169km was for a short while a new world record. Then Dave G8GKQ/P worked Noel at 182km and so we were relegated to second. Well done to Noel & Dave for significantly increasing their record!
Noel G8GTZ/P at Brown Clee Hill

We went on to work G8GKQ/P both ways on 146.5MHz and had a one way on 437MHz 333ks/s with Malcolm G0UHY near Torquay. The rain that was forecast for 1500 then started at 1130 and so we packed up and came home. Despite having the beams pointing North for most of the time, nothing was heard from that direction except for Noel. It was a very enjoyable and successful day and thanks go to everyone that came on, especially Noel who spent the whole day in the rain and got very wet.
Shaun G8VPG.

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