70cms only activity day - November 7th

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Re: 70cms only activity day - November 7th

Post by G4KLB » Sun Nov 07, 2021 5:49 pm

My signal was seen at Dwingelo dish in the Netherlands, jut not enough for a decode ..... maybe next year.
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Re: 70cms only activity day - November 7th

Post by g8gtz » Sun Nov 07, 2021 5:58 pm

Definitely a fun day out and shows the benefit of focusing on one band.

From Walbury Hill I worked (in no particular order):

Pi9CAM (one way)
G7VVF (one way)
G8AYC (one way)
G4XAY (one way)

Particularly pleased to be received by PI9CAM over 558km and work Rob M0DTS/p 2 way over 335km - Rob was a very good signal for most of the day and the first time we have had a proper 2 way QSO. I'll post a video of the multipath/fading on his signal on Twitter.

Modes were a mix of DVB-S2 333 and 125ks and DVB-T 250khz. Talkback was a bit maniac with DXspot, Zello and 144.750 is use at the same time!

A few pictures from the day below and thanks to everyone who came on.

Noel - G8GTZ

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Re: 70cms only activity day - November 7th

Post by G8GKQ » Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:03 pm

A really good day out. Thanks to all those who came on. From Lane End near Winchester, I worked:

G4SAQ (one way 437 and 146)
G4EML (First time!)
G0MJW (one-way?)
G4XAT (unsuccessful)
PI9CAM (unsuccessful)
M0DTS (unsuccessful)
G7JTT (unsuccessful)

All the unsuccessful contacts saw signals but they were too weak for DATV. I think that we do need to try more single-band days.

And next time I will take the Knucker Tuner so that I can play DVB-T as well. Photo below is G8GTZ's spectrum on DVB-T.

Dave, G8GKQ
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Re: 70cms only activity day - November 7th

Post by M0DTS » Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:00 am

A very enjoyable day out.

Although i only got a few frames of video from the Dx stations it was worth it!

I only managed to get one of the two antennas up due to the strong winds, took me about 5 attempts in between gusts to get just the small arrangement up in the air seen below!
Pretty sure that could have made the difference on at least one contact.

Contacts made with:
Failed with dwingloo for some reason, could have been local hills but surprised they got nothing.

Only one non-local station heard/worked on 144.750 so 2m conditions were below normal.
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Re: 70cms only activity day - November 7th

Post by g8gtz » Wed Nov 10, 2021 7:50 pm

I have just received the following report from Japp PA0T.

PI9CAM on November 7, 2021 ATV

On Sunday 7 November we were in the 25 meter Dwingeloo telescope antenna to see analog or digital ATV stations on as many bands as possible.
There was a lot of interest, because the dish is not always available for these kinds of events. We are not allowed to transmit there at zero degrees elevation, transmitting is only possible with EME activities. Communication mainly went with DXSpot.

Unlike the previous event in 2020, the results this time were not good. The reception did not go well due to the increase of various sources of interference in the area and the bad conditions. Not only 70cm suffered from this, also on 23 centimeters there was a lot of interference. We lost a lot of time looking for a possible cause. Many stations had to wait a long time for a connection with us. We took a picture of all connections and sent it to the participating station.

Results: we saw seven stations at 70cm and six at 23cm. Best DX was G8GTZ/p in IO91GI at 70cm with DVB-S2 over a distance of 560 km. We received a big signal of 25 dB above the noise. At 23cm the best DX was ON7MOR in JO21GK. Unfortunately, we had to deal with a software crash on the higher bands, so no connections on them.

We would like to thank all stations for their patience and cooperation. We would like to repeat the activity again in 2022, but before that we will first do a good research to all noise sources.

The crew consisted of Jaap PA0T, Gerard PE1BBI, Jan PA3FXB, Erik PA1ET and Nap PA1NG.

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