50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Please post here if you are planning any significant ATV Activity such as DXpeditions or Contest participation
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Re: 50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Post by radiogareth » Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:04 am

That was a good Sunday....the 10m pump-up has made a huge difference to my home station. I very nearly managed a 70cms contact with Rob at 341km and managed a two way on 70cms with Dave at Lulworth and one-way on 2m. Contacts with Martin G4FKK on 2m a breeze now with just 1/2 a watt both ways.
Further feeder improvements needed now and I can then try 23cms from home.

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Re: 50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Post by g8gtz » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:37 am

Well done on the 70cms DX.

I had a hectic day trying to do both the microwave contest and some TV.

I had 13 QSOs on 24, 47 and 76 GHz plus I managed a two-way TV on 5.6 GHz FM over the 92km path between Walbury and Lulworth plus a one-way with both G8GKQ and G4KLB on 23cms who were both 18 dB MER on 23cms. Unfortunately, I forgot the 28v power lead for the 23cms PA or it would have been a 2 way for both.

It was hard work doing multi-band (operated on 5 bands plus 2 talk back bands), multi-site in one day - we must try and avoid clashes, please :-)

There seems to be less interest in activity weekends at the moment so well done to all those who got on the air.



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Re: 50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Post by G8GKQ » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:50 am

Yes a good day out - superb weather on the South Coast (IO80WP), but conditions were below average on all bands.

I could not hear Rob M0DTS on 144 MHz (I usually can) and an attempt at a 437 MHz contact failed. Thanks to John G7JTT for trying a 1255 MHz contact as well.

The great success of the day was working Gareth G4XAT at 171 km on 437 MHz (2-way) and 146 MHz (1-way). Unfortunately the path the Martin G4FKK seemed to be obstructed.

Colin G4LKLB was on-site with me and we both received Noel G8GTZ/P at 92 km on 5.6 GHz FM ATV. Noel was able to see my pictures, but not Colin's (10 W vs 2 W).

What might tempt more people to partcipate? Ideas welcome!

Dave, G8GKQ

PS - A very strong signal from the OB Van!
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Re: 50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Post by M0DTS » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:22 am

An enjoyable day out but frustrating conditions!

Summer has finally left, it was only 11c up there.
A lot of the time I was Vertical on .750 talkback which was working very well, i did put the odd call out on horizontal but that maybe why you didn't hear me Dave.

I did however work 2-way 23cm DATV with Dave G4EEV at 50km obstructed path, previously we had only made a 1-way contact.
Later we worked 1-way 146 DATV also at good strength.
1-way direct QSO with Clive G3GJA on 23cm then completed through GB3EY.
We also had a 2-way QSO on 146 DATV.

On 2m and 70cm Martin G4FKK was a couple of dB over the noise at 125Ks before lunch, also not bad on .750, unfortunately not enough to get a decode, after lunch it had faded.
Gareth G4XAT was right on the edge (the wrong edge!) for a decode on both 2m and 70cm, the best i got was a decode of callsign but nothing in video unfortunately.

Look forward to the next one.
Just in case anyone is interested, Bilsdale is still standing on the next ridge, no sign of temporary mast yet...

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Re: 50 MHz to 1255 MHz Informal Contest - 11/12 September

Post by PA3CRX » Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:44 pm

In the Netherlands, also a lot of activity last weekend on the mentioned bands (and more).
Distances from the northern part to Belgium. Unfortunately, no overseas contacts.
It could be followed on the BATC application DXspot.
23 cm analogue: 245 km, 70 cm analogue: 248 km.
Chris PA3CRX
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