8 and 9 March: ATV contest in the Netherlands

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8 and 9 March: ATV contest in the Netherlands

Post by PA3CRX » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:41 am

8 and 9 March (so next weekend) the quarterly ATV contest will be held in the Netherlands.
Starting on Saturday at 18:00 UTC, ending on Sunday 12:00 UTC.

We ordered nice weather and tropo conditions. For the nice weather we have a conformation, we hope to have the tropo received on time. :D
Hopefully a lot of UK stations will try to make contact with the Dutch ATV stations. DXspot is hopefully used so possibilities could also be noticed by activity there.

Do not use Dutch ATV repeaters to identify possibilities, keepers are asked to switch them off during the contest period.


Chris, PA3CRX

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Re: 8 and 9 March: ATV contest in the Netherlands

Post by g8gtz » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:52 am

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the news - can you let us have more details such as timing and bands that people use.

Will any Dutch stations be monitoring 437 DATV? And will the G stations have to get out 70cms AM rxrs out of the cupboard - or maybe time to try out TVsharp with our RTL dongles! http://www.rtl-sdr.com/tag/tvsharp/

Either way I suggest we should all monitor and use dxspot http://www.dxspot.tv/ to set up contacts and spot them on the cluster - including the PA to PA contacts - so we can all see what is being worked.

And yes condx do finally seem to be improving: http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_nwe.html


Noel - G8GTZ

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