CQTV 2013 - we need your help

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CQTV 2013 - we need your help

Post by g8gtz » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:51 pm

Members may have noticed that we have not yet published a CQTV issue this year.

The main reason for this is that our editor (Chris G1FEF) has been working 30 hours a day and has not had time to put the magazine together. Also we have not had much copy sent in from members, but Chris is now in the process of putting the edition together and we should see something in the near future.

Those of you who were at the BGM last Ocotber will know that we are actually looking for a new editor as Chris is over loaded with work and other BATC tasks, including looking after the highly successful streamer - which BTW, supported over 400 viewers during the HAB launch last weekend!

If you feel you have a talent in this area, and are keen to help drive the BATC and CQTV forward we would love to hear from you. Ideally we want someone who understands how to gather interesting copy from various sources and put together an intreresting technical magazine in suitable formats for printed and e-download.

If this is you, please contact Chris or any of the committee members ASAP.

Best 73

Noel - G8GTZ (on behalf of the BATC committee)

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Re: CQTV 2013 - we need your help

Post by g3rfl » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:14 pm

Hi Noel

We are all busy even the retired old dufers like me so I am sure ONE of you has done something out of your PALS that can help to put an article or

something even funny like the DEATH of ATV or something like is TRUTH....commercialisation comes to mind I saw it with the RSGB

Sorry Noel I thought I was helping you over the last few montjhs but "JUDUS" stems to my mind has a Christian 100%

We ALL have to go before our maker and our DAD (Worst Still)

John means Whitness......

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