Using NTSC Hauppage Card for PAL

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Using NTSC Hauppage Card for PAL

Post by VK3CRG » Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:21 pm

Hi Everyone,

A real "newbie" to ATV here. I've been on air for about 2 weeks.

A question I've tried to find the answer for on this forum and maybe I've missed the answer or it's not there.

If I want to buy a spare Hauppage WinTV card now while they are still around on auction sites etc, can I buy the US or Canadian NTSC tuner version and use it in Australia where everything is PAL?

Obviously I don't use the card's tuner anyway, I'll just be using the S-Video input, and just want to make sure it will work if I feed a PAL video input into the card?

There's a lot of 2nd hand NTSC cards on line but can't find any PAL ones. Is the card the same and it's just the tuner that's NTSC or PAL?

Sorry if it's been answered before but I couldn't find the answer.


Craig VK3CRG

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Re: Using NTSC Hauppage Card for PAL

Post by G4EWJ » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:34 pm

Hi Craig,

I don't think that you can mix NTSC and PAL, but I've never used S-video. I found this one

It seems to be a PVR150 - it has the correct MPEG-2 chip, although I assume it has a 3.5mm stereo socket for the audio instead of the dual phonos on others I've seen.

I have a few PVR-150s spare, so PM me if you get stuck. The HVR-1900 is a good choice for a USB type, as they work with later versions of Windows, but they are hard to find.


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Re: Using NTSC Hauppage Card for PAL

Post by markaren1 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:41 pm


I am reasonably sure that you are correct. Pretty sure that I have used the S-video input of an NTSC card with PAL video OK. This was many years ago thought...


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