overall cost and bom for DigiLite

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overall cost and bom for DigiLite

Post by oe6rke » Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:50 pm

Hi All,

Fascinated by the outlined schematics i wonder about the overall cost for a digiLite 70cm device.
what cost shall i calculate for such project?

many thanks in advance for info,
ciao Robert, 73 de oe6rke

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Re: overall cost and bom for DigiLite

Post by MN-tech » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:54 am

Hello Robert,

I've pulled together some information from our previous builds. The cost of some parts like enclosures, connectors, cables etc is not included because we used parts on hand. Still the total cost should be under $400 USD for a transmitter with a 30 watt brick amplifier. The majority of the parts we used came from DigiKey.com. I don't know if the new version 5.8 DigiLite PCB will use different parts than version 5.7.

This should give you a rough idea of what you are getting yourself into. Good Luck.

DigiLite board $23.71
parts $100.34

Ultram VCO $50.58
box $1.78
cover $1.22

Driver board $5.00
parts $6.00

SD Adapter parts $10.00

RA18H1213G Amp $69.95
board $15.00
parts $10.00
Heat Sink

Total $293.58

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