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Reliability Improvements for Portsdown Streamer

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 9:33 pm
by G8GKQ
I have just released an update to the Portsdown software that should improve the reliability of the 24/7 repeater streamer.

After the update, the RPi will reboot itself twice a day at 3pm and 3 am to reduce the need for site visits. I have also improved the reliability of the stream itself.

This update (201904290) is ONLY available to streamers running the Portsdown Stretch software. Streamers running the old Jessie software should be rebuilt to use Portsdown Stretch. Please contact me if you want any assistance with this process, as I would like to migrate all repeater streamers onto the new software asap. I can also lend you an SD card so that you can keep running during the upgrade.

Dave, G8GKQ