Martlesham Microwave round table

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Martlesham Microwave round table

Post by g8gtz » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:45 am

There will be a live stream of the Sunday program from the Martlesham Micrwave Round Table here:

Note the Martlesham team and not BATC are doing the streaming.

There will not be a live Oscar 100 uplink but if any station would like to uplink it to another station (not a broadcast!), I'm sure the community would appreicate it. Guidance on parameters to use are here: ... nsmissions

Program for Sunday 14th April 2019
09:00 Doors Open
09:50 Welcome and Opening
10:00 UK Microwave Group AGM, Trophy Presentations
10:45 Barry Lewis – IARU Conference Update
11:00 Refreshments & Judging of the Construction Contest
11:15 Heather Lomond “Building your first Transceiver with GNUradio”
12:00 William Eustace “From Death Rays to Dinner”, subtitle “A brief history of microwave engineering”
12:45 Lunch Break
13:45 David Bowman “Equipment for Es’Hail-2 narrowband”
14:30 Noel Matthews “DATV on Es’hail-2”
15:15 Refreshments
15:30 John Quarmby “A low pass filter design for 23cm”
16:00 Close

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