Streaming from 23cms Comtech improved

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Streaming from 23cms Comtech improved

Post by g8lce » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:46 pm

I am trying the streaming out. I am using the Portsdown and RPi .One thing I found was that although I could stream video from a local source, when I switched to my local repeater output the stream was very pixelated. That was with an unmodified Comtech 23 cms RX. When I modified the RX with the G1MFG RX mods (a 470 pf and 10K) the stream became good. The video on a monitor looked no different but the stream worked well.
Maybe there is some HF on the signal the videoUSB converter does not like.
G1MFG.COM seems to have gone but I copied it here

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