Improved Portsdown Stretch Streamer Software

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Improved Portsdown Stretch Streamer Software

Post by G8GKQ » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:43 pm

I have just published an update to the Portsdown Stretch software (201810270) that includes 2 significant improvements for streaming:
  • It reboots the Raspberry Pi at 0300 UTC each morning to restart the stream if there has been a failure
  • The regular popping noise that was sometimes present on the audio has been almost eliminated
To upgrade a Repeater Streamer that is running (a special case for the Portsdown), please follow this procedure:

1. Log in the RPi using your username (pi) and you password. You may get a message "modprobe: FATAL: Module usbtv is in use.", do not worry about this.

2. Type the following at the command line

Code: Select all

rpidatv/scripts/ menu
3. You should get the Portsdown console menu displayed. Use the down arrow to highlight

Code: Select all

5 System   System Setup
and press enter.

4. Again, use the down arrow to highlight

Code: Select all

10 Update         Check for Updated rpidatv Software
and press enter.

5. It will check that the upgrade is available ask you whether you want to upgrade. Press y for yes.

This is a major upgrade and should take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. When it is complete, the streamer will reboot and start streaming again.

Note that the upgrade is not yet available for Portsdown Streamers running the older Jessie software, although I hope to migrate the improvements to that platform as well. Full details of the upgrade will be published in the Portsdown topic on this forum shortly.

Dave, G8GKQ

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