OBS->nginx->BATC - No Video

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OBS->nginx->BATC - No Video

Post by df3ei » Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:01 pm

Hi, all,
I am running a setup at some of our ATV repeaters where the composition of incoming streams, live video and captions etc. are handled by OBS and its WebSocket plugin, the resulting video is then streamed to a local nginx-rtmp instance, which in turn does the distribution to BATC and Twitch and the re-encoding into an ogv-stream for Icecast2.

It turns out that with this setup the BATC and Icecast streams lack video whereas the Twitch stream does not. Streaming to BATC directly from OBS works fine, so my guess is that the nginx configuration is at fault. I have tried both the push method (understanding that this merely copies the input stream over to the push endpoint), and I have also set up an exec ffmpeg command to achieve the same, yet still no video.

A very similar setup at another repeater works fine, btw.

Has anybody had similar experiences and has got some hints where to look out for flaws in my setup?

Thanks and 73,


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