Encoding rates etc

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Encoding rates etc

Post by KA5BBC » Fri Sep 04, 2020 3:44 pm

Have the encoding rates for the streamer changed?
I have been away from the project due to a greatly increased workload, I work in an ER, and I now cannot get a video to show properly from OBS or from a VBrick encoder. No settings have changed since my last round of testing and setup, nothing was unplugged or moved, yet I am now having all kinds of issues.
I can connect to the server - the streamer shows as active and I can stream an SD (NTSC) signal to the machine but nothing else works.
I have tried wiping out the settings, factory reset and retyping them.
I have tried different video sources and standards/resolutions
I have tried different encoding rates, frame rates, etc.
Any one have any suggestions?

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