Larix Broadcaster stream to batc?

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Larix Broadcaster stream to batc?

Post by G0NMY » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:06 am

I just installed Larix broadcaster on my mobile phone and tried to configure it to stream to batc.
sadly it doesnt like the address rtmp:// I think its looking for an ip-address and port number.
Any ideas?
Cheers Mark

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Re: Larix Broadcaster stream to batc?

Post by aerostar » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:04 pm

In the Connection URL rtmp:// you need to add your streamname-stream key


That is all I did and it worked !

Depending on your phone you may well have to drop frame rate and video size, the default settings for my Moto G5 gave VERY jerky movements. 640 x 480 and frame rate of 7-20 is reasonable. Just experiment.


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Re: Larix Broadcaster stream to batc?

Post by G7JTT » Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:34 pm

Was able to send and receive GB3HV using my Huawei P20 Pro and the split screen option works well 👍 ... 21792?s=19

John G7JTT

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