GB3GG - Back On Air

Locator: IO93XM
Location: Grimsby, Lincolnshire
TX: 2420Mhz
RX1: 1280Mhz
RX2: 2388Mhz
RX3: 10.315Ghz
RX4: video over IP webstream controlled via DTMF menu (currently on 144.750Mhz)
Echolink talkback (sort of working but still being worked on time permitting)
1x Roof camera
1x Room camera
144.750Mhz talkback relay on TX via 6.5Mhz subcarrier

Webstream with chat:

Activity: Mostly Friday evenings from 20:00 till late!
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GB3GG - Back On Air

Post by aiqy65 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:13 pm

GB3GG is now back on air.

The 23 & 13cms receivers are running all the time with 3cm turned on by request (we have to keep the electric bill down)

The 13cm Tx beacons every 15 mins bit will not transmit a picture unless it is 'turned on' by sending 1* by DTMF on 144.750Mhz
1# turns it off otherwise it shuts down after 17mins. The stream will show what the receivers pick up (on sync detect otherwise it a test card)
at all times.


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