GB3UT Website being slowly developed.

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GB3UT Website being slowly developed.

Post by g8byi » Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:15 pm

Robin and I the GB3UT Repeater Group :? , have decided to generate a website for GB3UT, it is called . At the moment it has very little contained within it's pages, but we are working on that....I have had to learn how to write a website and have yet to master CSS techniques, that is taking me some time. Anyway the basic layout is there so it's content will grow.

The high level of construction/refurbishment work being carried out at the University of Bath, Norwood Building over the Summer is due to finish by the end of September, so power outages and other site problems should diminish. Robin and I then hope to upgrade some elements of the Repeater and even explore DATV instigation , thank's to Roy G8CKN kind donation of equipment, any sign of any manuals Roy? ;) .

Other microwave news ,there is a very strong possibilty that a 3.4GHz beacon will be set up on the roof at the University over the Winter months by the UK Microwave Group, in conjunction with Electrical Engineering Group at the University.We have seen the equipment being built at the QTH of Brian G4NNS, so things look hopeful on that project.

Richard G8BYI

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