GB3UT is lonely and needs through put.

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GB3UT is lonely and needs through put.

Post by g8byi » Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:57 am

Update on GB3UT.

The GB3UT ATV Repeater is now being looked after by G8DRK, Robin - QTH Bath,
supported by myself G8BYI, Richard - QTH Southwick. We took over keepership
from G8CPF, Mike, who has moved to pastures new. We thank him for the
sterling work he did over many years in maintaining UT.

GB3UT is located on the roof of a high building at the University of Bath,
around 220 metres ASL.

It used to be an AM 23cm ATV repeater, but it was modified to FM several
years ago using G1MFG modules. It also, at that time, changed its RX
frequency from 1276.5 MHz to the current 1249 MHz, with its TX frequency
remaining unchanged at 1311.5 MHz. Power is 25W EIRP.

Of late, we have implemented extensive modifications to the G1MFG receiver
which have improved its sensitivity and picture quality. Other improvements
include a narrower IF SAW filter, and the addition of AFC.
Modifications have also been done to the transmitter, to fully correct its
frequency response and optimise the 6.0 MHz subcarrier level.

We currently have two methods of sending out testcards. One uses the
original Cropredy firmware method, and the second utilizes a SanDisk video
frame player that accepts digital memory cards (CF/SD types etc).
This enables JPG format testcards and info-screens to be produced by us and
displayed, as well as short video clips. We have arranged for the remote
control of this unit by the repeater keeper, so that different seasonal
cards and info can be selected as required.

Future plans include implementing a Digital TV TX/RX capability.
Costs are prohibitive at the moment, but as cheaper secondhand encoding
equipment starts to find its way onto the market, that could change.

The REALLY important thing we lack at the moment, is users for this
repeater, so if anyone would like to try accessing it, you would be most
welcome :)

Thanks for reading this
Richard, G8BYI.

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Re: GB3UT is lonely and needs through put.

Post by M0SAT » Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:24 am

Hi Richard

Are you aware of the repeater network that has been set up and run very successfully over the last few years by the GB3HV, BH and TV repeaters?

We have all 3 of these repeaters linking bi-directionally which has proved very popular and of course has increased activity on all 3 repeaters. We are hoping for our neighbouring repeater south of HV (GB3FT at Newbury) to be activated soon. It is a 13cm repeater and has line of sight to IV on the Isle of Wight (which has a growing and active usage) and also to UT.

Sounds like this would help you and UT with increase in activity.

We are having to wait for FT to get up and running properly, which due to numerous reasons has taken about 3 years but one of the group (who is also a member of the HV group) gave us a positive message in November that the last piece required (antennas to be installed by riggers at the correct height) was now just a matter of waiting for a weather window (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, if you'd like to know more, drop me a PM and we can bring you up to speed with all the events so far.

Look forward to hearing from you and welcoming UT to the growing group of live networked repeaters.

All the best

Dave M0SAT

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