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GB3UT can sometimes be seen streaming...

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:19 pm
by g8byi
I have joined the Individual Streamers list on BATC, as G8BYI. This means I can on occassion stream GB3UT output for all to see, as well as send images direct or via UT from my shack (room). I have a reasonable P5 received signal at my qth which is 7 miles from UT, and just about line of site. I have to watch out for Broadband excessive use throttling by Virgin Media, but so long as I reduce the fps and speed when sending the test cards, I seem to get under the wire each day, its only at weekend when the rest of my family start using their pc's on-line do I get problems.

Anyway something is better than nothing at all.
So if your able and I am streaming please take a look.

Richard - G8BYI