GB3UT to provide a Ham Teletext Service

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GB3UT to provide a Ham Teletext Service

Post by g8byi » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:22 am

GB3UT is currently experimenting with a Teletext Sender unit built by G8BYI and G8DRK, it is based on the Dutch Ham, Werner - PE1OBW design which was published in the 1999 CQ-TV magazine.

G8BYI sourced the components, etched and built the circuit boards into a case.Robin - G8DRK though not a software person managed to change the menus in the PC Page generation software from its native Dutch to English, which made life alot easier to edit pages.He also managed to change the Dutch Months and Days in the Firmware to English. Currently two units have been built and are working, the plan being to have one at the Repeater site doing the function and one at home that will have its pages updated ready to swap at GB3UT.

The system went live on 08/10/08, but is really being tested to check its live performance. If anyone can currently receive GB3UT I would welcome an email with any reception report particularly if teletext can be received and resolved,I suspect you will need a good signal from the repeater however.
If any other Repeater group would be interested in undertaking a similar Project please get in touch. (


Richard G8BYI

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