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10ghz DATV Input

Posted: Sun May 16, 2010 9:03 pm
by G1LPS Terry
The 10GHz Digital input is now set at Symbol Rate:2Ms/s, FEC:1/2 . The FM input is also still available.

Rob M0DTS reports he made a 10GHz DATV transmission across his shack. Needs to make some filtering to add to it. Look forward to seeing him on 10GHz DATV some day

Inputs: 6 X Inputs available (any four available simultaneously in quad picture and sound) 10ghz currently added to the quad display with DTMF when needed. (23cm digital / FM and the two 13cm inputs in the quad as standard)
1.280GHz - FM & Digital 2m/s
2.328GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
2.388GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
10.315GHz - FM & Digital Omni Slotted Waveguide

2.440GHz - Omni Alfort Slot - FM - Primary O/P
10.065GHz - Omni Slotted Waveguide
- FM Operational (Digital Switchable output planned )