KMSDR - Reverse Beacon

Locator: IO94EQ
Location: 200m ASL, Kirk Merrington, County Durham

Inputs: 6 X Inputs available (any four available simultaneously in quad picture and sound)
1.280GHz - FM & Digital 4m/s
2.328GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
2.388GHz - FM - Omni Alford Slot
10.315GHz - FM & Digital 4m/s Omni Slotted Waveguide

2.440GHz - Omni Alfort Slot - FM -
10.065GHz - Omni Slotted Waveguide - FM
3.406GHz - Omni Digital DVB-S 4m/s

Watch Live at:
No Activity night as of yet... Activity is usually Mid Afternoon / Late Evenings

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KMSDR - Reverse Beacon

Post by M0DTS » Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:38 pm

Terry has recently installed a Raspberry Pi at GB3KM.
New features include a waterfall display of the Narrowband segments of various uWave bands, similar to the various Web SDR's about but no actual decoder(maybe one day!).
The use is mainly for Tropo monitoring but also does a good job at reminding us when there's a contest on!

This is done using a switchbox for the various IF/RF connections into an RTL-SDR dongle as the receiver, no extra antenna were installed as KM already had antennas for these bands available.
IF's were used for 13/3cm and direct antenna feed tap used on 70/23cm.

Frequencies covered are the Beacon and SSB segments of the band.

Band - Antenna:
70cm - Halo
23cm - Yagi South
13cm -Alford Slot
3cm - Slotted WG

Please feel free to try out your equipment and see if KM can see your narrowband signal on the screen!


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