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Post by g3rfl » Thu May 29, 2014 6:30 am

Well while the weather has hampered ATV lads going out portable our group up here have been busy building 1W 3cm PAs
And has well as that here making a new device to stick on the REPEATER video line an extra SIGNAL bar with a couple of SAT DISH TX ANT "ICONS" at each end.The purpose is so that the person using view through can see the SIGNAL LEVEL its actually on the AGC line so you can see the noise floor....only a couple of lines of code is needed to get the serial comms working and bypass its USB socket......So we have an "ON SCREEN DISPLAY" I must admit these devices was cheap £9.99 on Ebay and I got lots of help from LEE my SON M0LMH and MIKE G7GTN both sorted me out how to proram the DEVICE...all good FUN....
PHIL GD1HIA soon will have a bigger dish and 1W PA so we look forward to working DIRECT and through the Repeater in a couple of months Phil has a good path to us out Portable on the I.O.M.....follow The Repeater news on CQ-DATV FREE on the Internet....
Cheers from LANKY LAND
John G3RFL
New sea wall going up CLEVELEYS...

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