7/8 June - BATC Summer Fun Contest

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Re: 7/8 June - BATC Summer Fun Contest

Post by G0PVR » Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:31 pm

An absolute oasis, of silence decended on all bands from io83xm, tried 1 contact in my worst direction east , : but as we say nowt...we all moan about lack of atv stations, its little wonder...like the panda we are slowly becoming extinct, i remember 15 years age 100 plus contacts on most contests ....if the panda fails to breed ..it will become extint....if we cant be bothered .to get on the telly...we shall follow, RIP :( :cry:
john g0pvr

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Re: 7/8 June - BATC Summer Fun Contest

Post by M0DTS » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:05 pm

Hi to all...
Thanks to those who did try to make contact with our Portable station on the North York Moors..

We managed qso's on 23/13/3cm with Mike G0DPS/P @99km P5, test failed with Dave G0DJA on 23cm but not so good path i think just going by the 2m signal...!
Thanks to G3PYB for the digital test, it was unsuccessful but were very close to seeing something i'm sure, peaked 18% quality, only usually needs ~20% to lock!
70cm Setup was 19ele antenna, mirage preamp, Glencom up converter and Comag SL65 digital receiver.

We heard one or two others on 144.750 but no other ATV contacts during the contest.
Later in the afternoon we managed to work Chris M0YZA and Barry G4VWT direct on 23cm with reasonable results after a few calls via GB3VL whcih was a superb signal all day.

It's the first time we have been portable for the Summer fun contest, we have usually had a lot more calls during the IARU atv contest in September, lets hope everyone will be on then!

73 until next time........

The North East ATV Team!
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