3-D printing 'service'.

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3-D printing 'service'.

Post by radiogareth » Wed May 29, 2019 1:04 pm

I've been printing various bits and pieces for fellow members, mostly Portsdown screen surrounds and Lime Mini cases (over 50 now!).

Each print job I run sends £1 donation to the BATC (about £70 sent so far) and costs are generally less than 'commercial quotes'.

You can also make donations to the original author of the CAD (usually via a link on Thingyverse) should you feel so inclined.

I don't really have the time to design custom stuff (unless I need it for myself) and I tend to print jobs in the background when I'm in the shack, so not looking for full-time employment! My printer is a Prusa I3V3 and results are very good for the technology.

I am happy to quote for other jobs, just bear in mind that postage gets really silly for anything that packs higher than 25mm.
If you have something you want printed, feel free to ask for a quote, no obligation.

I can print in PLA (most colours) and PETG (limited colours at the moment) which is great if you need weather resistance and flexibility/resilience to having self-tappers screwed in etc.

Send me the .stl file and I'll price it up for you. g4xat AT ntlworld DOT com replace the AT with @ and DOT with .

Gareth, G4XAT

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