Radio trucks for ATV

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Radio trucks for ATV

Post by radiogareth » Wed May 22, 2019 8:05 pm

We (wife Jayne and I) have finally got ourselves a 'camper/project/radio truck' depending on your standards ;-) I've been tidying it up a bit (lots) and upon removing the rear door mounted spare wheel I found a significant bracket that a previous owner had made. This door usually stays closed even when parked up so I thought....aerial mount. A quick edit of my handy CAD 'collar file' and onto the 3-D printer it went (using PETG the stuff plastic bottles are made from). Some plywood from stock and a bit of making later I have a nice drop-in top-mount for my 10M fishing pole portable stuff (12 element ZL for 2M being one of them). By printing a different size collar I can swap in my 2" alloy mast sections instead. Just a peggable base to knock up now, glad I kept that short piece of tubing and a bit of flat plate :-)
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