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ATV Contest NEXT WEEKEND!!! 11/12th September

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:47 pm
by M0DTS
Hi All

Just a reminder that it's the IARU ATV contest next weekend.
Time: 7pm Saturday until 1pm Sunday local time

I will be QRV from portable sites on the North Yorkshire Moors and looking to work anyone in or not in the contest...hi
Activity times:
Saturday (IO94MJ) from ~6pm-11pm
Sunday (IO94LI) from ~8am.

Main bands will be 70cm and 23cm
70cm analogue/digital ~65W to 25el K1FO Yagi
23cm Analogue ~100W to 2x 28el LoopYagi
13cm and 3cm gear will be packed and setup on request.

2m talkback 9el Horizontal, 7/8 vertical

May have some Live Streaming from the /p site on Sunday on GB3KM stream.

Please leave a message on the forum if you think you will be on.
Contact number for skeds is 07999 796 421



Re: ATV Contest NEXT WEEKEND!!! 11/12th September

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:26 pm
by EddieG0EHV
Hello Rob,
Not a lot of interest here.

I'll be on of course, all of 6 feet away!

See you Sunday morning about 8 ish.


Re: ATV Contest NEXT WEEKEND!!! 11/12th September

Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:40 am
by aiqy65
The Grimsby crowd (with a few others) will be on from Stenigot in Lincolnshire again.

Analogue on 70cm, 23cm and 13cm and will be taking 10Ghz out for a play as well (mW Tx only)
May have 70cm /23cm digital rx as well if it will fit in the back of the car (need a big van.....)


Hopefully launching a high altitude helium balloon (100,000ft possibly) as well depending what the winds are like and where its
most likely to end up landing (North Sea isnt the best of spots for recovery)

Its paylod consists a a 2.4Ghz live video, 2 video recorders, a stills camera firing every 30s and a temp logger.
GPS/GSM module for recovery. That puts the 13cm kit to another good use as we have a dish on a camera pan/tilt mount
to try and get live video back.

Very dependent on the weather although the CAA clearance covers the following weekend as well.


Re: ATV Contest NEXT WEEKEND!!! 11/12th September

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:42 pm
by M0DTS
Hi to all..

It was a nice weekend but not a lot of activity up here unfortunately, only two stations worked in contest times on Sat/Sun.
I did have a nice local one-way on 23cm with Angus M0IKB nr Scarbrough with his newly box receiver and a good one-way 3cm qso @P4 with Bob G7AVU >100km.

2m Conditions were very poor so talkback was very limited and nobody south of IO93 was heard!

We did look for the ATV signals from the balloon fron the guys at Stenigot and from the balloon in holland but nothing seen form either of them, strange as 2 years ago the signals from the balloon in holland were very good.

Hope to see some more next year..