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aircraft scatter @6 ghz

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:15 pm
by g6urm
now before any of you call me nuts - there has been work done at 24 GHZ on this - yes using the digital modes - that have obtained ranges of over 500 miles - the limiting factor being water absorbtion at those frequencies - 10 ghz work has been done with better results but 6 ghz ?? and atv ???? - having perused what info there is i am wondering if its possible ?? - after all in the states they use passive reflectors on mountain sides to bounce wifi and even tv signals off and all they are are large lumps of metal ………………………. much the same as an aircraft - and we know from radar you can get reflections off of aircraft

so what got me thinking this far outside the box ?? - i have been pootling around with my rx stuff and jut had the big dish lying on a bench near the window - when , although a disernable picture was not received - there WAS sudden and brief enhancement of the normal "snow " on 5665 ghz - looking out said window i noted a high flying plane - presumably off to the states or where ever - which would have been up over the north devon coast ?? - and looking at flight trader - i see there are quite a few planes following the same ish routes - certainly on clear days - one can track them visually - referencing this

sooo - i'm wondering ?? - could it be possible to bounce atv signals off planes with high gain antennas - as 600 mw into a thirty db dish = a lot of ERP - AND A COUPLE OF W = a lot more !! - ok i don't know what if any the results would be - but anyone interested in giving it a go ?? - say in wales as we need the plane to be roughly mid point - and from some work i have read - apparently there is the added bonus of up to 30 + db "forward scatter enhancement " - ill have to find the references

any way - i don't know WHAT the signal was - it was a Monday afternoon - so probably not ATV ( MAY HAVE BEEN THE BUDE WEATHER RADAR ?? ) - but SOMETHING suddenly appeared - and i have back in the days of old school tv dx - seen similar enhancements - tho then put them down to more normal means - think on this more must I - anyone crazy enough to join me outside the box factory ?? - or is that just too experimental or far fetched for you all .??

Re: aircraft scatter @6 ghz

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:33 pm
by g6urm
here for your perusal - some info on this subject done by American stations - ... _Paper.pdf - good to read even if you are only even slightly interested in my latest crazy idea - and here - one on work at 24 ghz ………………….. :o - maybe not so mad after all ?????

Re: aircraft scatter @6 ghz

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:25 pm
by G4FRE
Aircraft scatter was exactly the reason I saw a 5665 MHz signal from G8GTZ/P in IO91GI to Titterstone Clee IO82QJ (140km) last Saturday afternoon over the partially obstructed path. Signal was there for 20 seconds but not enough signal to lock for the rest of the time


Re: aircraft scatter @6 ghz

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:48 pm
by g6urm
good one Dave - so its not impossible to get a good enough reflection to be able to identify a station - well that gives me hope - i'm just getting the station together now after months of sorta putting it on the back burner because of lack of activity down here in devon and other projects - like kite and balloon lofted antennas on hf - which my friend and I have been having some reasonable success with ( pity about the "no fly " amateur restrictions as a tx mounted on a balloon might prove very interesting - yet the drone bods can do it - odd that .lol ) - any way I digress - that's most interesting - thanks for posting :D :D