ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

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ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by g3pyb » Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:32 am

ATV Network Day
A one day ATV event, to be called “Network Day” the aimed is to attract as many stations as possible to take part by creating a series of high power well sited stations on key locations.
The key stations will, where ever possible, be capable of providing a link to a second key station or to a repeater input or to an individual home or portable station.
The event will be held on August 22nd beginning at 10am. The event coincides with an existing 5.7Ghz microwave activity day, with a view to providing contacts for ATV and narrowband microwave stations.

1. Support will be sought from groups interested in ATV and microwave activity who could provide a key station on a high location with as many bands as possible.
2. An effort will be made to interlink the key stations to act as relay station.
3. If possible a feed into a local repeater or directly in the BATC streamer would be an advantage to create the widest coverage.
4. Well-sighted locations to give maximum coverage.
5. Highest ERP consistent with the ability to act as a relay.
6. Upper microwave bands to used to provide opportunity for stations to use
the lower bands for longer distance contacts.

G3 PHO and G3 PYB plan to activate a high site in the Pennines in the center of England (Merryton Low) MODTS will be in the North on North Yorkshire Moors, G3SMU and G7LWT will be in the N West on Winter Hill, G3KKD and the Cambridge group in the East, Grimsby Group on the Lincolshire Wolds.
G3ZME on Brown Clee in the Midlands.
G8ADM North London.
.8. High ERP stations on the most popular bands such as (FM) 23 and 3cm are sought but we would like to promote DATV a much as possible including 70cm.
This should provide added incentive for stations to try new equipment for DATV
and other bands such as 3.4 and 5.7GHz.
With the high Power stations it should be possible to work Dutch and French stations on 70cm and other bands. This is rare opportunity to have so many ATV FM and DATV active on one day.
Key station locators.
M0DTS IO94LJ FM & DATV inc. 23,70cm &10GHz
G3PHO & G3PYB IO93AD FM & DATV inc. 23, 70cm & 10GHz
G3ZME Group IO82QL FM inc. 23cm & 10GHz
G3SMU & G7LWT IO83RP FM & DATV inc. 2, 70cm & 10GHz
G3KKD & Cambridge group FM & DATV inc. 23, 70cm
G8ADM North London FM & DATV inc 23, 70cm
Station list nearer 22nd August with Symbol rates FEC etc on the BATC Forum and look at the chit chat DATV pages. Contact for skeds via BATC forum or peter.blakeborough@pop3.hiway

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by F3YX » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:35 am

Hello, information,
I am qrv in JN18AP (30km SW of Paris) in ATV and DATV on 70cm (500W tx) 24cm (150W tx) 13cm (25W tx) and 3cm (5W FM and 2W DATV)
In DATV I can use DVB-T (2,3,4,5,6,7,8 MHZ), DVB-S (usually SR1667 on all bands but any value possible) and DVB-C (only local interest, less 50...80 km)

I am also mobile ATV and DATV Qrv on the same bands but with lower power.
I am searching a good point in area Boulogne sur Mer or near Cap blanc Nez for the 22th of august. (camping-car)
I hope to be there from 21th evening to 23th.

best 73 from F3YX Marc near Paris.

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by g3pyb » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:05 am

Hello Marc,
Thank you for the test the other morning, maybe next time my dATV signal will be more than just a few db above the noise.

Ok re your visit to Boulugne sur Mere I look forward to working you on the 22nd August.
I will be with G3PHO in the center of England IO93AD, there will be other stations at IO83QL,IO94LJ,IO83RP, IO93UK, Cambridge in the east, North London G8ADM, and a number of other staions on the south coast and other locations.

I made a test yesterday on 3cm 70Km to the West over a very obstructed path with the other station at sea level.
about 70% over land and 30% sea.
I have 10W to 32db offset the othetr statioon 23db dish. we were succesfull on FM ATV but with rapid fading from P5to noise.
An interesting contact.
I can normally work F6DKW Paris on ssb from my nearby Hill, it would be intersting to try a 3cm to your home, do you have 3cm narrow band FM to check a path first ?

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by F3YX » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:30 pm

Hello Peter, I will leave home as foreseen to morrow friday the 20th and will be near Boulogne sur Mer in the evening. I will stay there until monday morning. I will be 175m asl with my camping-car. I regret not be able to work in ssb higher as 440 MHZ, but only ATV and DATV from 430 MHZ and up. On 2m i have 45W FM or SSB, but for long distances it is much better in ssb on 144,170 + and - 10 KHZ. For strong enough signals it is ok for 144,750 but as you know this frequency is unusable for ATV or DATV on 70 Cm because 144,750 x 3 = 434,250 MHZ. The choice of this frequency was of coarse completely ..,,??!!! to do Tv on 70 cm.
Anyway i hope for an acceptable weather (previsions where not extra but seem to change in better)
Hope to contact you and a lot of other stations saturday an sunday.
remember : ATV and DATV in DVB-S and DVB-T on 70 cm (50W), 24 cm (15W), 13 cm (8W) and 3 cm (1W FM and 2W DATV)
Best 73 and hope to see you.

Marc F3YX

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by g8gtz » Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:37 am


Providing I manage to finish the complete station rebuild at my farm site (including new Tennamast and 70cms station) I will be active on TV and SSB from IO91KH, which is good to North and East.

Bands will be:

70cms DATV - 200+ watts (thanks to G4CPE) on 436Mhz, 2Msymbols
23cms DATV and ATV rx (SSB also possible)
3cms SSB and ATV - 5 watts 60cms dish

Talkback via 144.175 (and 144.170 TV?), KST and mobile 07881914287.

It also proposed that we monitor the GB3HV page on BATC.TV and use the
chat facility only (no streamed video) specifically for TV talkback.

73 - Noel G8GTZ

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by g3pyb » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:46 am

Hello Noel,
Very good news, look forward to a test with you, John GW3JGA will be on from a mountain/hill in N Wales he has a 70cm DATV Receiver now, no tX on 70cm but he will have 23cm ATV.

The GB3GG group will be on the Lincolnshire Wolds some, where Caistor I believe.

We have a very good group of key station and many home stations taking part, DM has his mast up now so it will be interesting to try 70cm from such a high site in N London.
travelling up sat. morning and staying with Peter PHO off early for th e1Hour trip to Merryton Low.

Regards PeterB

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by g3pyb » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:52 am

To Marc F3YX

OK Marc Re talkback I planned to have 144.170 SSB for t/back also.

G3PHO is on the same site with me on 5.7Ghz and possibly some 24Ghz tests, he will be arround 144.170 also.

It looks like we have managed to get a very good group of key sations and quite a number of other home stations.

Look for G8ADM in North London, David should be a very good contact to you.

GSM on the day 0777 6184347

Regards Peter G3pyb

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by M0DTS » Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:26 pm

Hi All..

Looks like there will be a few stations about so hope to see you all...

Eddie and Myself are aiming to be QRV for about 10am on Sunday, ATV gear always takes so much longer to set up!
Location IO94LI, North Yorkshire Moors.

I should have web access but probably only GPRS, the batc chat page will be very slow for us.. please be patient!

I'm taking 3g dongle as the coverage seems to be better according to three's maps than the last time i tried it, fingers crossed.

I will have my mobile with me if you want a sked: 07999 796 421, otherwise we will be on 2m ssb and fm.



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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by G8ADM » Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:24 am

I will be on with my new mast from home, IO91TO, antenna height 530 ft asl, (450ft asl + 80ft mast). Probably only 70cm digital Tx/Rx and 3cm analogue/digital/narrowband receive only. Good luck.

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Re: ATV Network Day 22nd August 2010

Post by m0cnp » Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:12 pm

Listened/watched on and off most of the day :D , but nothing heard or seen thus far :( (1400utc). Very limited capability at the moment, but working on a more flexible system. JO02PV, height amsl 67m, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9LJ. Will keep watching and listening, including talkback channels, for the rest of the day. David, M0CNP :roll:

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