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question - re 1.2/3 atv

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:56 pm
by g6urm
um - just a question - as we know there is the simple route into 5.6 ghz atv with FPV kit - I see that there are also similar sets of kit for 1.2/3 ghz most of which have at least one or more "usable " channels - is there any reason these cant be used ?? - as not all of us have the nessery tech skills for digital atv /test gear/EYESIGHT to do SMC / - or just prefer good old simple analog stuff …………………. any way thoughts appreciated -

Re: question - re 1.2/3 atv

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:25 am
by M5TXJ
Hi, (insert name :D )
I guess one way into 23cms which wouldn't be too stressful might be Portsdown 2019 with the Lime mini as TX and a Minitiouner express or DMYCO/iBravebox v8 Satellite finder as a receiver. Other than that I guess it's try and find some s/h 23cms analogue gear or one of the commercial DTX-1 DVB-S transmitters if you can find one.
73 Dave.

Re: question - re 1.2/3 atv

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:06 am
by g6urm
thanks dave - ( my name is brett btw ) - but only interested in these specific units - as I said - not into all this digital malarkey - k.i.s.s analog I understand - is simple and cheap - as there is no point investing in all the top end stuff as there is so little activity down here - and I have to rely on others to get anywhere useful site wise - so really its just to experiment with - I have 5.6 gear - but no one to talk to /view as likewise there is little /no interest - but then anything above HF down here in the BOONDOCKS OF THE FAR SW is almost regarded as voodoo - ( unless its connected to pc's and the net ) - the local 1.3 ghz box GB3WV closed down yonks ago owing to lack of interest after it left the north hessery tor site on Dartmoor - and was moved to Plymouth - and vhf /uhf upwards is virtually dead for most of the time as we are the "wrong" side of the great attenuator ( aka several billion tonnes of finest quality granite ) - so we are a bit "cut off " - more so for disabled hams who can only really operate from home 99% of the time - if you are "up country " with ANY activity - consider your self fortunate .lol ……………. any hoo thanks for replying :D :D