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Re: Newcomer to ATV

Post by M0RFU » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:49 pm

They look like a good bit of kit, I think I will get one of the kits.

That combined with a SDR based transmitter with the appropriate filtering etc would be a very versatile station.

I have a log periodic PCB antenna on the way so I'll try and pick up the local TV Repeater with that, then when I have confidence with that I'll look at the dishes a bit more seriously.

It's all fun

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Re: Newcomer to ATV

Post by g8ayc » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:08 pm

There's two options for the hardware to run with the Minitioune. You can either buy parts from the BATC store and make it up yourself or do what I did and get the Minitiouner-express which is fully assembled and ready to go. You can order the Minitiouner-express from the USA at but gets shipped from the UK. I got mine the day after ordering.

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Re: Newcomer to ATV

Post by G8KWR » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:48 pm

Hi Jon/M0RFU, I just wondered whether you have got any further with accessing GB3UD and, if so, what you used in the end.

I am just slowly getting back into amateur radio after 30+ years off-air, using the time of being at home due to Corona. In the distant past I was active on RTTY/Packet Radio, but looking around the bands on an SDR I have bought, things seemed to have move on significantly since then, with all kinds of data modes, Internet linked repeaters, etc.

I have just realised that I can see the mast at Mow Cop out of my study window, which is just under 7 kms from me, so trying to decide the best (and not too expensive) way of (initially) receiving GB3UD, and once I have cracked that, then transmitting to it. Could probably stick a 23cms yagi on my TV aerial pole.

Thanks for any update you might have

Roger - G8KWR

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