Multi-burst source

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Multi-burst source

Post by g4bbh » Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:58 am

To help get my pre/de-emphasis right I wanted a multi-burst source. Using the PC did not help as the composite output is far from flat above 3 MHz. Although not quite correct I am having to feed the TX with a manually swept 1-6 MHz signal which is OK for bench tests but not for day-to-day system checks.
There was a circuit in CQ-TV 178 that used a MAX038 chip to do the frequency generation but this chip is obsolete and no longer available in UK and very pricey from USA. An even older design in CQ-TV 80 in impractical as it required separate L-C oscillators for each frequency.

So does anyone know of a (simple) design for a multi-burst generator?

Dick G4BBH

Hope you all bring plenty of old but useful video bits to the B&B at Kempton Park next week........

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