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Post by g3rfl » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:22 pm

I thought in the UK which is a Christian based democratic and just Country after coming through lots of wars to see the BATC Chairman TREVOR BROWN blown out of the water this weekend and hanged without a trial.....yes without a trial or told why.....

TREVOR DID NOT STEP DOWN.....Fact....he was backstabbed....2013 style

I will be checking and it looks like he TREVOR was set up and WILL turn out to be Un Constitutional it appears only one out of the 4 oficers was physically present at the meeting whitch needs at least two so it could be an EGM coming up it just needs 20 real members to sign it....join me

Evidance I have uncovered and ASKING Trevor Direct shows this to be the fact ....

Forgetting politics I have over the years dealt with Trevor has the Chairman and know he has "ALWAYS" had us ATVers that mean YOU the best possible interest

What ever the problem are or were it should have been sorted out with the guy present not behind his back on the very day he had pointed out he could not be there which was his 85 years old Mother in Law.....and all the comittee knew this

SAD to lose 25 years of experience dumped in the prime by folk that wil never fill his boots how hard they try .....Loved by hundreds of ATV lads been Helped byTrevor same day feedback that will take some doing WORLD KNOWN now Al Lost

God Bless Trevor I know how you must feel DUMPED

Watch this space cuz I am Mad or On a new Free Ebook run by Ian Pawson on the Internet


John Hudson ATVer 50 years built GB3XG 10Ghz 20 years ago was one of the first guys to built Solid State Transceivers back in retired67


Please reply

No smiles with this Email....Sorry

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Post by M0SAT » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:41 pm


What is the point of your first sentence? You start about religion, democracy and war then jump to a statement about Trevor Brown being murdered!

"TREVOR DID NOT STEP DOWN.....Fact....he was backstabbed....2013 style" reading the BATC statement...

“the committee unanimously agreed that BATC now requires someone with an alternative vision for the future and a different management style to take the club forward as we become a limited company and seek to drive ATV forward to the next level.”

This happens all round the world in all types of committees for all types of reasons, so how do you come to the very dramatic conclusion that “he was backstabbed.. 2013 style” (what exactly do you mean by this statement)?

You then go on to say “you will be checking and it looks like he TREVOR was set up”, am I and others who have read this to understand that your previous paragraphs are not based on fact as you earlier say they were?

What is your reasoning for wanting an EGM without having all the facts? This is a club to promote ATV not the house of commons.

What evidence have you uncovered, this rant does not present any coherent evidence to my mind just the ramblings and rantings of someone who was so angry when he wrote this piece that he didn’t have time to use a spell checker :o

You say “Trevor has ALWAYS has us ATVers the best possible interest”, OK I never saw this personally but Trevor was thanked for his service and support to the club.

I lost your point about sorting this with the guy present and something to do with his 85 year old Mother in Law, again I don’t know what relevance you are trying to show here?

“SAD to lose 25 years of experience“ Why is this lost? Trevor hasn’t been physically hanged as you seem to insinuate. He still can play a very active role in the club as can you and others.

“folk that wil never fill his boots how hard they try…” are you saying that the rest of the committee has done nothing and it has all been down to Trevor?

I find it incredible that when change occurs naysayers suddenly appear quick to knock those who take on the challenge to move the organization forward. Remember the world is round.

Please take a deep breath, look at your rant and see how badly written and how badly it comes across. I can see you are angry, but IMHO this does nothing constructive for the club and certainly doesn’t do anything to help Trevor.

Lets support the committee and help build the club and hobby, not squabble internally. Lifes too short and our niche of a niche hobby is too small.


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Post by trevorb » Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:24 pm

Thanks for your concern John

I am not quite sure what is happening

I had been trying to organise a meeting of the committee for some weeks, April 21st was the only date I could not attend, and it was the chosen date, read into that what you will

I was surprised when the secretary rang me up on Friday to inform me of Item one on the Agenda

1 Several committee members have requested that we ask Trevor, our Chairman, to step down

I was even more surprised when the meeting carried out the vote with only one club officer present, see

4.7 A Quorum will consist of 4 members of the Committee of which at least two shall be officers.

I am not sure what my sins are but I was the only committee member to abstain in the recent vote on BATC LTD
This was only because I could not see any advantages for the members, and Chris himself points out members will not be shareholders.

I think I might not be alone, as out of over 800 members only
128 voted in favour, 4 against and 6 abstentions

I know this is Chris’s baby but my preference for our editor, would be to concentrate on producing the March CQ-TV
I see elsewhere on the forum we are again asking for help, with CQ-TV.
I did offer to produce the March issue to help Chris but my offer was declined

I think it is now up to the members, if you want to amend the constitution so that the three club officers are elected at a BGM and not selected and replaced by committee in this manner, then we need an EGM, or if you have a different solution, The EGM can overrule a correctly constituted committee meeting, not sure about Sundays meeting, I assume the secretary could deem it null and void under rule 4.7

The current batc constitution is very simple and straight forward, the articles of association for BATC LTD are much more complex, I know I am a director of BATC LTD, and will remain, unless there are some more dark moves ahead to remove me.

If you want to contact me my personal email is


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Re: BATC Chairman

Post by G8GKQ » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:52 pm


I am sorry that you feel that Trevor was improperly replaced as BATC Chairman. I wish to explain that this was not the case.

I, like you, know that Trevor has always put the best interests of the ATV Community first. However, the situation on the BATC Committee had become unsustainable as, over the past few years, the existing committee has lost confidence in Trevor's ability to chair the committee as currently composed. This was communicated to Trevor on a number of occasions.

Those who were at the 2013 BATC BGM will recall there was only one new volunteer for the Committee despite a number of existing Committee members offering to step down. If there had been members prepared to volunteer to serve on the Committee under Trevor's Chairmanship then things might have turned out differently. Since the BGM another Committee member has resigned and others had declared their intention to do so unless changes were made.

It was unfortunate that Trevor could not attend the meeting on 21 April; however, the outcome would have been the same if he had been present. Trevor was contacted before the Committee meeting by 2 prominent BATC Members explaining the situation, and offering him the opportunity to remain on the BATC Committee under new Chairmanship. Much to our regret, Trevor refused.

I proposed the vote of no confidence in Trevor as Chairman, and all the Committee except one (and Trevor) supported the vote, including the Secretary and Treasurer. So, at this point there were 3 options; find a new Committee that supported Trevor (which appeared impossible given the lack of response to our appeal at the BGM), disband the BATC, or appoint a new Chairman. None of this would have been a surprise to Trevor.

So, we now have a revitalized BATC Committee, working hard to support ATV in the UK. I would ask that you continue to support the BATC.



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Post by g3rfl » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:03 pm

Hello dave M0 chap.....

Nice to inform me there is a SPELLCHECKER on this site I have never used it before...called CAREL....????

Yes I was always bad at Spelling GOW was GO and NOW was NO

but I looked at your website and found you was A Blackpool GUY dressed for a night out in DRAG...

and was that your MENTOUR that gave you that advice.....

Regards A real old timer in ATV ......


Support the ORIGINAL BATC has I knew it a MEMBERS CLUB not a click


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Post by g3rfl » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:34 pm


So when will I an old paid up member get a MAG paid up till 2015 with some substance NOT ADVERTS PLEASE

My Wife said at the time ALL that money What if you Die will I get it back I said NO you will not

Then she replied will LEE my son read it MoLMH now doing well on VLF 500KHz worked all of EU on milliwatts I said YES

Oh Thats OK then

Note I am 7 tears inexperience than the Wife God Bless here BORM 1lb 15oz Great Kid

By The Way I tried lots of times to click on the BATC link to talk serious talk about the new Repeater GB3FY in fleetwood but all came back Zreo

So My Q still is there is it worth it now we seem to be going into a CLICK group with no help to REPEATER BUIDERS ....


Sorry about the SOLLLINNNGHHggg

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Post by g3rfl » Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:28 am

Morning Gents

Someone once said the EARTH is Round not Flat both are incorrect

It's an OBLATE SPHEROID - slightly flattend at the poles...
centripetal acceleration - as the Earth spins at about a thousand mph
so the equatorial region 'bulges outwward'...
very marked with gaseous (low density) fast spinning planets like
Jupiter... Jupiter LOOKS elliptical even through small telescope...

A bit like my belly nowadays

Thanks for all your Emails I have now got used to the fact GB3FY will not take off after all the work I have put in
This is all down to not knowing what the HIJK is really going on at this MEMBERS CLUB

"POWER corrupts and absolute POWER corrupts absolutly"

If anyone can guide me to the REAL ETCC member who deals with ATV NOV,s please let me know

The RSGB NEWS said two weeks ago said it was Noel but now he is the CHAIRMAN ????

I do know from when I was 16 years old G3VVT when he lived in our area Ribble Valley a nice guy

ALL real ATV guys are helpful has I have found over the years

I do have a Dictionary and there is a big difference between HANGED and MURDERED
The first is within the LAW the second is AGAINST the LAW
Albert pearpoint had a Pub near me in Rishton

Sun is out and a 50 year BATC member is coming home today from South Africa an ATVguy on all the bands so look forward to him coming to live about a mile from me G3ZGZ another "DAVE"

John Hudon G3RFL retired after working 50 years....

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Post by G7GTN » Fri May 03, 2013 9:07 pm

Hi All,

Sad days to see the BATC Commitee acting in such a way. Seems totally pointless that you should have a constitution that can not work with and actually abide by.
Whilst certain people might wish for this to be an Enterprise, and become a Limited Company see no gains for the membership of the club. What exact value will this bring to the people that pay subscriptions to maintain the Organisation as once was?

Sad to see that Trevor has been removed, as was often the only interesting copy produced. Of course the BATC has a history of falling out with people. Hopefully whilst becoming LTD will also engauge with outside companies that provide conflict resolution services to the commitee as and when they all fall out. That is what happens in companies.

Pleasing to see that CQ-DATV.MOBI is getting great material out to people that wish to download. Whilst the BATC seem to be having continued problems publising a magazine even to paid up members this could be the ideal place for your articles if you wish for them to be consumed & read by other amateurs. Great to see several G3RFL articles appear. John what about your PIC Teletext encoder next?

Once BATC become LTD expectations will rise, that it should be run like a company. As of now see no indication that this will not be another failed enterprise. Pleased have not and will not be invested in it, for that reason I'm out.

73's G7GTN.

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Post by g3rfl » Fri May 17, 2013 6:57 am

Hello MIKE

Well the Sun is out and look forward to some Warm weather where I can do some serious aerial tests
I have just obtained an electronic compass and intend to put this on my aerials
Its a clever device does allsorts X Y Z yes velocity has will read 0 to 359.9 deg rotation then I can put it into my PC to do plots.
ISSUE 3 is out its FREE

John G3RFL
Still not had any BATC MAGS this year!


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Post by g3rfl » Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:35 pm

Well after re-capping on replies to my first Tweet on this subject lots have gone on in relation to the club being a LTD company with no real input from you are me....
This has been shown on day 1 by the fact TREVOR whom is a task master (I suspect was not liked because of this) but worked Hard "EVERY" day to suport you and me an ATVer

Its on parrallel lines to the EU taking ourpowers out of out NATION "GREAT BRITAIN" yes it is great and will always remain that way because we older guys know why......

TEAMWORK gets us out of the TISH when things go wrong and when "MONEY" comes into the equation then its time change policy

Someone Tweeted

What Christianity or Democracy got to do with sad that GAY is (sorry about my poor spelling)



Well G3RFL "IS" a Christian and "an" ATV GUY and better still an "OAP "......who still has a GOB.....and most of all a MEMORY of the past



John G3RFL

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