Scart club 10GHz multiplier/amplifier

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Scart club 10GHz multiplier/amplifier

Post by G8XZD-TV » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:56 pm

On the SCART club website one of their projects is the 10GHz multiplier/amplifier designed by G8ACE to go onto the end of a Comtec 2.3GHz module with a new programming pic
It says they can be ordered via G3PYB. I've emailed the club but not had any luck.
Would like to have a go at it - has anyone outside the club managed to buy one (and the new pic) - and if so through whom and how much.
Can you either reply here or via PM.

Many thanks. Ian.

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Re: Scart club 10GHz multiplier/amplifier

Post by pbg3pyb » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:12 pm

Hello Ian,
Not sure why we did not make contact, probably because I changed my pop account.

The PIC I have here, and can send, they are £5 and intended for the comtech 2.4Ghz TX.
The multiplier PCB,s came from G8ACE as a made up batch, all the batch has gone.
I will call John ACE and see if he has any PCB,s left.

You can e mail on

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