12V XLR supply - is there a specification?

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12V XLR supply - is there a specification?

Post by g4bbh » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:43 pm

I have several ex-broadcast pieces of equipment with 12V input via 4 pin XLR. I am currently using a very accurate 12V PSU and simple 12V distribution box at home but intend using the equipment portable from a large battery which may or may not be on charge so voltage could vary from 12V to 14V or more. None of my equipment manuals actually specify the 12V supply limits and am concerned that 14V could kill my precious gear. Camera, production monitors, waveform monitor, vectorscope and other items between them would require a low dropout regulator capable of several amps which is a very rare beast, or separate regulators up to about 3 amps for each XLR output which may also be difficult. I would love to just do away with regulation altogether.
Question is whether there is any standard spec for the 12V supply to such equipment? Will my kit withstand an unregulated supply?
Thanks es 73 de Dick G4BBH

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