UK TV repeaters NoV renewals

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UK TV repeaters NoV renewals

Post by g8gtz » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:52 am

Over the next 6 months most TV repeater NoV will need renewing.

If you are a repeater keeper you will get an email from ETCC reminding you of this and it is important you complete the renewal before the expiry date. If not, in theory you will have to reapply for the NoV which will mean Ofcom getting clearance from the primary user again - and you won't want to risk a refusal!

At the same time as ETCC representative, I'm asking you for details of your transmission standard as if you have migrated to digital, we will update the NoV to reflect the narrower bandwidth and emission code.

Also, I need to update my records of any receivers you have added to the system - these will not appear on the NoV but under the agreement with Ofcom, ETCC need to keep a record of these frequencies.

If you need any help / clarification, just ask by email.


Noel - G8GTZ
ETCC TV rep and vice chair.

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