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How to run H265 on Pluto using GTX1050Ti graphics card

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:32 pm
by G3YQC
I’m trying to run H265 on the Pluto (with F5OEO firmware) using SQ6QV script; GTX1050Ti graphics card and vMix. I followed the instructions detailed in the BATC wiki regarding ffmpeg installation and editing the script.

I set up vMix to use External Output (as instructed in the wiki) then ran the script but Pluto doesn’t appear to transmit.

I note that by using vMix on External Output (rather than stream) there is no opportunity to set important parameters such as frequency, FEC, SR, PTT etc. So from Pluto’s virtual drive I ran the info file and chose the DATV Controller tab. I entered appropriate parameters, clicked the (almost invisible) PTT button and then clicked Apply Settings. But the screen just cleared to white and Pluto did not transmit.

Can someone please confirm that the DATV Controller screen actually works and if so, why can I not see the Pluto going to transmit?

I have searched extensively on forums, online documentation, comments on the QO-100 chat screen etc. for any clues to what I’m doing wrong but can find nothing. Any guidance on how to get this going would be very much appreciated.

Thanks John G3YQC

Re: How to run H265 on Pluto using GTX1050Ti graphics card

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:17 pm
Hello John,

If interested, I can explain you how to do it with OBS directly using the recording mode.

73 de michel, hb9dug