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Router configuration for Jetson Nanobox

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:09 pm
by M0YDH
Hello all
I'm building a Jetson Nano box per Dave's article in CQTV 265. The Lime mini SDR is firmly bolted in my Portsdown 2019 unit so the Jetson is there to make H265 video across a local network.
I've finished the initial config of the Nano and even the LKV373A. I'm lost in the configuration of the router per page 21. I have the prescribed TP-link device. Surely most people struggle with all this network protocol detail ? :roll:

Please may I have screen grabs of the affected router config pages for static IP, DHCP including any tweaks to get the subnet addresses and port forwarding for SSH ? It would be wonderful to see where a range of IP addresses like the label on Dave's Nano box comes about.

Many thanks.

David M0YDH

Re: Router configuration for Jetson Nanobox

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:11 pm
by G8GKQ
Hi David

Not able to take screenshots at the moment (too much other stuff on the bench to rewire), but I suggest that you start by doing a factory reset on your router (Power ON the router and locate the reset button on the back panel. Press it and hold until all the LED turn on momentarily).

Power it up, then connect the Jetson, then the LKV. Lastly, connect (by cable) a laptop or similar that is not connected to any other network (even by wireless). Then check the IP address of the laptop (ipconfig at the Windows command line), and open a browser and go to 192.168.?.1 (probably, where ? is the same range as your laptop is in. Log in with the default credentials (admin and password admin).

Go to the LAN page, and set the LAN address to (or whatever you want). Restart the router and change your bowser address to whatever has just been set. Log in again. If you check the DHCP page, you should see the addresses for the Jetson and LKV.

You can then connect the WAN port to your home network and see what address that is - it should be on the WAN page of the router. And then change the router password and check that you can still access it.

Port forwarding details to follow.

Hope that helps. I'll try to do screenshots for the next CQ-TV.


Re: Router configuration for Jetson Nanobox

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:11 pm
by M0YDH
Hello Dave
Thank you very much for the notes. The internet is awash with sage, incorrect [for this application] advice on this topic!
The 3.1 IP address is fine. DHCP page on the router only shows the PC and Jetson but Advanced IP Scanner shows that the LKV373 sender has an IP address and MAC in the 3.10x range. There are the 4 devices expected shown in the results here. I tried the process 3 times and that's as good as it gets. Is this good enough?
I have a WAN address [TL-WR841N WAN port connected to the main internet hub and main house PC connected into the TL-WR841N] that is dynamic IP.
The router logs in with the new password.

The workshop has only weak wi-fi from the house which the mini-PC in my wooden rack uses. .
I say this in relation to understanding how I will do the following quote - "This means that it is possible to connect the WAN port to a home network and control the Jetson from any computer on that network."

What steps happen next please? I can set the wireless network name and password. I assume this is for e.g. iPad dispay of LongMynd received video.

There's this part to do -
"The Jetson can be controlled through ssh by a computer connected to any of the LAN ports on the router; however, this exposes the broadcast UDP from the LKV373A, so I also set up ssh (port 22) forwarding from the WAN port of the router to the LAN."
I control the DireWolf APRS i-Gate on a RPi via ssh over the wifi home network. I can see that switch the LKV sender off is a way round this. As well as the port forwarding setup, I wonder how to make the link to the home network?


David M0YDH

Re: Router configuration for Jetson Nanobox

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:11 pm
by M0YDH
I found this guide for the specific router and setting up a port forward.

I'll try to follow this unless a short example is forthcoming for the Nanobox application.

What is apparent in setting up a Jetson Nano is how wonderful is the Portsdown system by comparison! An image file and firmware updates are things of wonder. Thanks.

David M0YDH