Portable dish thoughts....

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Portable dish thoughts....

Post by radiogareth » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:43 am

I've a nice solid surveyors tripod for portable operations and at the moment I'm using a 65cm offset dish mounted sideways as its for 3.4GHz DATV - i.e. pointing at the horizon, not at a satellite. In an attempt to check what sort of offset angle I'd need to factor in for pointing the dish and its 'piggy-backed' double bi-quad for TX, a google led me to this site. http://watkin-online.com/openpage.html Whilst not directly what I was looking for, although it indirectly gives me the answer I need, it does provide a clever way of mounting/using a dish such as we might end up using for 'demo' Q100 stations and making it very quick to set up. Bit too easy to walk in front if its used for TX to though!!
Well worth a careful read and check of his extra pages.

Hope it helps someone :-)


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